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Think global, act local

(ENG) Adminex Polska in tandem with the GSL Law Firm is organizing a meeting under the auspices of the District Starosts within the „Friendly Business Council”, which will take place on November 27th, 2013 in Piaseczno.

During this meeting the issues related to consequences of personal liability of directors and new financial prospective for the entrepreneurs for 2014-2020 will be discussed by representatives of the GSL.

Furthermore, a discourse deliver by Iwona Smater, Managing Director of Adminex Polska will be related to Tax Inspection- How to be prepared and avoid problems?

(ENG) On November 1st 2013, the new “exceptional” and “temporary” regularization regime for tax and social security debts, which was approved by Decree-Law nº151-A/2013 entered into force.

I. Brief Summary

1. Type of debts- tax and social security debts declared by the taxpayers or their representatives, under the law, before making the payment, even if they were unknown to the Tax Authorities or the Social Security…

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