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Think global, act local

The Spanish government has adopted a National Energy Efficiency Fund (Fondo Nacional de Eficiencia Energética, FNEE) with a budget of €350m to transpose EU directives.

The new fund will be managed by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (Instituto para la Diversificación y el Ahorro de Energía, IDAE) and will be partly financed (35%) by the central government from EU structural funds.

It will focus on building renovation, heating systems, and boiler efficiency, among others, and will co-finance energy efficiency investments in buildings, industry, transportation, and agriculture. In the building sector, the FNEE will participate to energy-efficiency investments worth about €892m/year. It will be completed by the ‘Plan de Vivienda 2013-2016′ (€200m) for building renovation. In the industrial sector, the FNEE will contribute to a total of €828m of energy-efficiency investments.

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