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adminex Nigeria attended the 4th German-African Economic Forum in Dortmund that took place on February 23, 2016.

Nigeria is making a new start. The 2015 elections brought a first time peaceful change of government. The new president Muhammadu Buhari has put diversifying the Nigerian economy. Security and fighting corruption high on his agenda.

That makes Nigeria a large, growing and dynamic economy in transition and thus full of business opportunities for both Nigerian and non-Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Below are the six guidelines discussed to use in exploring business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa in general…

A very important and significant change in the VAT law has been implemented in the Czech Republic as of 1st January 2016. The so called Control Statement (Kontrolní výkaz) listing all the individual items (not yet covered by other parts of VAT reporting) must be submitted to the Tax office together with the standard VAT return every month.

It is critical that businesses get ready for the change as soon as possible in order to be able to cope with the 2016 requirements.

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