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This incentive system aims to promote SMEs competitiveness through increased productivity, flexibility, responsiveness and active presence in the global market (expansion and internationalization).

The IS for Q&I of SMEs aims to support investment projects promoted by SMEs with activities in Portugal, individually or in cooperation, with a clear DNA in innovation, modernization or/and internationalization, through the use of dynamic factors of competitiveness.

Success Story in Bullet Point
1993: The Czech Republic was born from the split of Czechoslovakia

The country has been the most attractive country in the CEE region for investors since 2006 (according to the AHK, Deutsche Auslandshandelskammern).

It has the enjoyed the highest level of German direct investment in the region (around 20 EUR bln), the lowest unemployment and the lowest inflation, the second highest GDP per capita and the third highest average gross earning (of employees).

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