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Russian Week at Gild sponsored by ADMINEX will take a place on 21st -24th May in Barcelona.

An event focused on developing and strengthening business opportunities in the Russian and the Spanish markets.

Companies and investors are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to international expansion – many believe it is Russia’s moment. Russian stakeholders and corporations are deeply interested in expanding their universe of choices, and seeking multiple avenues to generate profitable business opportunities.

Since 1st January 2012 limited liability companies may be registered via Internet. Theoretically, the registration process should not take longer than one day. In order to complete it you need to do the following: First step is to create an account in the online system provided by the Polish Ministry of Justice.

This requirement is not limited to the person submitting the application; it has to be fulfilled by each shareholder. Next, you need to fill out the form with the required data: address, district court information and articles of association details, list of shareholders and their contribution details. At the last stage, the applicant and shareholders sign the application (using any available form of electronic signature) and pay the registration fee via eCard system..

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