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On November 20th took place the seminar regarding possibilities in the building sector in Germany which was organized by Adminex Spain, Adminex Germany and the German law firm Wendler Tremml in cooperation with the magazines Mercados Exteriores and Empresa Exterior.

During the conference the experts explained the juridical and tax duties, as well as the formalities by the employee’s displacement which must be considered by the Spanish building companies, before beginning the activity in Germany.

Spain and Switzerland appear as the two most attractive destinations for investment in Europe, according to the ranking drawn up by Morgan Stanley analysts. The U.S. bank highlights the progress of the Spanish economy, which obtains the second highest rating among the 16 countries surveyed. “The good classification of Spain mainly reflects its high score in terms of technical level and revenue and profitability,” point out the authors of the list, in which Spain has gone up two positions from the previous year, achieving the highest rating for a country at the periphery of the Eurozone since the third quarter of 2009. In fact, Portugal (13), Italy (16) and Greece (14) continue to appear among the bottom five positions, accompanied by France (12), which has lost five places, and Belgium (15), which has also dropped five positions in relation to the previous ranking. Meanwhile, Ireland has gone up two and is ranked as the tenth most attractive destination. Among the …

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