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Think global, act local

On Friday 10 February, the Government of Spain passed the most significant labour reform of recent decades. It is a question of introducing major flexibility in the work system, until now one of the most rigid in Europe. Training and apprenticeship contracts These are reserved for workers of between 16 and 25 years old, although this age limit is extended to 30 years old until the overall unemployment rate drops to 15%. These contracts establish significant tax incentives and social security contribution allowances of up to 100%. Working day The option of an uneven distribution of working hours based on collective bargaining agreement, or agreement reached in the company with workers’ representatives is established. The important new feature is that in the absence of such agreement, the company can freely rearrange 5% of the working day and distribute it irregularly. This accounts for approximately 88 hours per year. Encouragement of open-ended contracts A full-time open-ended contract with a probationary period …, xanax prescription drug