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Think global, act local

ADMINEX participated in an event Belgian Business Forum organized by The Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Catalonia, CCBLC. The networking session took place on Monday and Tuesday, October 28th,29th 2013 in Barcelona.

During these days a lot of practical and specific information about doing business in Spain was provided with special attention for tax aspects, socials laws and administrative aspects.

Furthermore several B2B agendas have being organized between Belgian and Spanish Companies.

The main purpose was to discover how Spain and more specifically its economic and industrial….

The Spanish economy is bidding farewell to the most prolonged recession in its recent history. Results for the third quarter of this year will mark the second time that quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the statistical synthesis of growth, has pulled out of the red since the current economic crisis began. But this time, unlike in 2010, the markets are working in its favour.

Investors see recovery on the horizon, even if most of the country remains mired in massive unemployment, debt, budget cuts, and salary reductions, and is still a long way off from noticing any tangible improvements., xanax prices,