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Starting from 1st July 2014. the VAT regulations related to periodically settled (so called continuously fulfilled) transactions are going to change.

In case of these transactions in the future the date of performance will not be the deadline of payment – as it was in the past, but the last day of the period in question. The payable tax shall be calculated by this date, and the partner who receives the invoice can reclaim the VAT also from then on.

1. WHICH TRANSACTIONS ARE AFFECTED? The new rule is applicable only to the so called continuously fulfilled transactions, those supply of goods and/or services about that the parties agreed..

Adminex Spain is pleased to invite you to attend the Seminar ¨From local market to internationalization_ the world of opportunities¨ organized by Advisoria, Orbia Invest and Adminex. The seminar will be discussing different topics, which includes: Chile as a platform and as reliable Market, The European devices of SME´s internationalization, Health Management of displacements workers, etc.

During the seminar the Manager of Adminex Begonya Pelegrin will explain the significance of workers displacement nowadays as well as the practical aspects of this issue.

The event will take a place on 29th May in Barcelona, Avda. Tibidabo 17-19 at 16.30h. Click here for registration »

The “Energy Efficiency” focus area budget for 2014 is €98 million. About 25% of EU final energy consumption is in industry. Activities under the “Energy Efficiency” focus area will deliver energy savings in this sector.

The first calls invite proposals to carry out research and demonstration of more energy-efficient solutions – e.g. building components or highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems – as well as proposals to facilitate policy implementation and skills development, and mobilise financing for the market uptake of more energy efficient products, systems and services.

To know more about this topic or to discuss any idea you have in mind, you are highly welcome to speak with us at Adminex Portugal.

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