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Think global, act local

The agreement between Switzerland and the EU on corporate taxation is good news. It means that the EU will not take any measure against Switzerland in relation to its criticized tax regime, and that some of the measures already partially introduced by the EU will be lifted. In turn, Switzerland commits itself to remove controversial tax solutions on the cantonal level (Holding, administrative and mixed companies) and on the national level (principal companies, Swiss Finance Branch) in the context of the Corporate Taxation Reform III.

A small but important detail for the coming development: Switzerland commits itself in the agreement to pass new tax measures based on international standards, namely in the way they were set up by the OECD.

ADMINEX participated as a sponsor in an event Investors Conference Austria Connect 2014 organized by Advantage Austria. The networking session took place on Thursday and Friday, October 2nd, 3rd 2014 in Barcelona.

During these days a lot of practical and specific information about doing business in Spain was provided with special attention for building strong professional relationship between Spanish and Austrian companies.

The Iberian Peninsula is a strategic market for Austrian investors. 60 million consumers, about 1,000 million euros in direct investment and more than 2,000 million in exports account for a working relationship. This is a main reason why Advantage Austria acts as guide for Austrian companies through its offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon.

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