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Poland increases its attractiveness to foreign and Polish investors

Each region of Poland offers investors attractive conditions for pursuing business, service and – what is important – technologically advanced activity. The Polish offer are highly qualified employees, relatively low costs of labour, political and economic stability as well as easy access to EU markets. Another attribute is also an area of modern services – accounting and financial services, support of human resources departments, logistical and IT services associated with market research, relatively labour-intensive but highly technologically advanced branches of the industry.

Maintenance of the country’s position which is attractive in terms of location of direct foreign investments will make it possible to increase the potential of the Polish economy and will improve the competitiveness of the enterprises.

The Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on amending the “Programme for Supporting Investment of Major Importance for the Polish Economy for 2011-2020″, in which terms and conditions for making investments in Poland, better than the current ones, are stipulated. Above all, the parameters of significant projects were lowered from PLN 1 billion in qualified costs and 500 jobs to PLN 750 million and 200 jobs or PLN 500 million and 500 jobs. A longer period of financing investments was also allowed, no longer though than until the end of 2020.

Support will also be given to production investments made at poviats where the unemployment rate is below 75 per cent of the country’s average, i.e., among other things, the provinces of Eastern Poland. It was proposed that in these locations investments guaranteeing 500 new jobs at the cost of PLN 500 million or 200 jobs at the cost of PLN 750 million be made. Such solution will economically activate those areas, and what is important – it will contribute to the decrease in the unemployment rate, especially among young people.

An important change is lowering of the requirement of minimum investment costs from PLN 3 million to PLN 1.5 million for the research and development (R&D) sector. Moreover, it will be allowed to support R&D projects as regards qualified investment costs. These projects, accompanying production projects, call for substantial financial outlays, from several to several dozen million PLN, for instance, high costs of equipping laboratories or purchasing of testing equipment. Current support given to creating new jobs is not a sufficient incentive for the investors. A possibility was introduced in the “Programme” whereby support can also be given as regards qualified costs of investments worth at least PLN 10 million and creating at least 35 jobs for persons with higher education. Support of plant-based R&D activity gives greater development opportunities, is an excellent chance to utilize the potential of Polish scientists and to develop and extend cooperation between the industry and science.

The government also decided to include the Mielec as well as Kostrzyn and Słubice areas, which are attractive in terms of investments, in special economic zones. Thanks to this move new jobs will be created, which are so needed during the period of an economic slowdown. The zones are not only an effective investment instrument but innovative and technologically advanced products are manufactured there, which build a modern economy in Poland.

Source: The Chancellery of the Prime Minister

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