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adminex now also in Austria

• Austria is one of the leading Import/Export country in Europe: the Austrian Export ratio rose from 35% (1995) to 57,5% (2013) of BIP and is much higher than the EC28 average (45%), the Import ratio from 34% to 53% (EC28 average=42%).

• Biggest import (31%)- and export(42%)  partner is Germany.

• Most of the East Europe headquarters are located in Austria and Austria is with 8% worldwide one of the biggest investors in Eastern Europe.

During Q3 of 2014, adminex continued its expansion programme with the launch of a new partner in Austria. With this new office, adminex counts with its presence in: Germany, Belgium, USA, Slovakia, Spain, France, India, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia Switzerland, UK and now Austria.

adminex along with its Austrian partner, and their operations, provides cheap Cialis pharmacy a thorough understanding of the current Austrian legislation and an expert view to what the market needs and how to follow the important Austrian informal rules. Combining this to the more than 13 years of experience that adminex has in internationalisation processes.

Competitive and stable market
Most of the exports to the eastern countries are managed via Austria, and for this reason, the “Head of Europe” Alexandra de la Varga, remarks that “Austria  is a small but vital country and partner for all companies, due to being a competitive market, offering security and stability.”

With the new expansion, adminex (consultancy in internationalization processes), consolidates it success and reinforces the company objective of supporting the growing interest of international companies to invest in the European market.

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