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Adminex Spain at Digital Business Seminar

Adminex Spain is pleased to be participating as a speaker at the Digital Business Seminar organized by OMEXPO and LetsLaw. LetsLaw is an international law firm that specializes in all Commercial Law branches, committed to helping companies to compete in an ever-changing market.

The seminar will be discussing 9 different topics, which includes Social Media Compliance, Legal Performance Marketing, the legal question that Community Manager should know, etc.

During the event the Head of our Fiscal Adviser Department,  Montse Gali alongside Juan Sandes, Director SGEL&CEO at Celeritas and José María Baños, cofounder of the company Letslaw will discuss the compatibility of the legality and marketing within online stores, considering legal and fiscal aspects.

The best marketing for online stores is having a good legal strategy. Taking care of the customers and respect their rights will increase your sales.

Adapt your e-commerce legislation affecting online sales, respecting the rights of consumers and users and protection of their privacy can be an excellent way to promote the image of your e-commerce as well as granting safety and confidence.

Also the speakers will analyze how to correctly write the terms and conditions of e-commerce without forgetting fiscal aspects of the electronic commerce activity.

The event will take a place on 9th April in Madrid. For more information and registration go to:

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