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ADMINEX starts 2014 with the opening of an office in London

- Exports to the United Kingdom have registered a growth of 16.22% in the third quarter of 2013 compared to 2012. Imports, however, fell by 7.11%.

- Adminex Group now has a presence in fifteen countries around the world.

- Our most recent incorporation in the United Kingdom, Adminex is committed to a London-Frankfurt-Zurich axis and main focus for investors.

January 10th 2014 – During Q4 of 2013, ADMINEX continued its expansion programme with the launch of a new office in the UK. With this new office, Adminex increases its presence in 15 countries buy Artane pills around the world: Germany, Belgium, USA, Slovakia, Spain, France, India, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and Switzerland.

Adminex along with its British partner, and their operations, provides a thorough understanding of the current UK legislation and an expert view to what the market needs. Combining this to the more than 13 years of experience that Adminex has in internationalisation processes.

Competitive and stable market

The United Kingdom is the fifth customer of Spain, behind France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. For this reason, the “Head of Europe” Alexandra de la Varga, remarks that “the UK is a vital customer and partner for Spanish companies, since despite being a competitive market, offering security and stability.”

During the fiscal year of 2013, the data for the third quarter from the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior – ICEX) reflects an annual increase of 16% in exports to the UK. A figure that inverts the dynamics of decline recorded in 2012, where the exports from the UK descended a 1.77% in comparison to the previous year. Instead Belgian imports have descended 7.11% over the same period of 2012.

Export of services increases

The services sector is the largest trade group between the two markets. The number of companies exporting services to the UK grew by 30.01% in 2012 compared to the previous year, and exports of the same area increased by 24.1% over the same period.

With the new expansion, ADMINEX (consultancy in internationalization processes), consolidates it success and reinforces the company objective of supporting the growing interest of Spanish and international companies to invest in the European market.

More about ADMINEX

The ADMINEX Group specializes in developing solutions for the globalization of the business and also provides services that enable modular internationalized companies to outsource international accounting, the human resources management or the fiscal management, among other services.

The ADMINEX Group has a trajectory of over 13 years of presence in the European market and has an international team form by 60 professionals providing comprehensive advice in commercial, accounting, tax and labour law, allowing the employer or manager to make the right decisions for the internationalization process. ADMINEX currently has offices in Spain (in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona), Germany, Belgium, USA, Slovakia, France, India, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and Switzerland, and now in the UK (in the city of London).

The company founded in 1994 by German entrepreneur Marc Ambrock ( The Director of the UK Operations is Mr Lindsay Beveridge.

Adminex Contacts:
Ms Alexandra de la Varga, Head of Europe
+34 615 283 314

Mr Lindsay Beveridge, Director Adminex UK
+ 34 666 667 790

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