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Direct foreign investment in Spain rose 114.4%

In the first quarter of 2011 gross foreign investment in Spain grew by 114.4% year –on- year to 7.297 million euros, according to the Register of Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

This is the third consecutive quarterly increase and thus consolidates an upward trend in investment received by Spain. Net investment (gross investment minus de- investment) rose by 108.6%, to 6.826 million euros. 94.25% of foreign investment is concentrated in non –holdings companies (companies holding foreign securities), an increase of 182.9%, with almost all investment in unlisted companies. The main recipient sector of this investment was to wireless communications, which accounted for 58.6% of the quarter.

The main investor country was France with 63.9% of the total, followed at some distance by the UK, with 9.8% of these investments.

Meanwhile, the Spanish investment abroad increased by 20.5% in gross terms, to 6.369 million euros, and 265.9%, reaching 3.461 million euros, based on this case of negative values in 2010. Addition, the settlements amounted to 2.908 million euros, 60.5% less than in 2010, much lower compared to the quarterly averages for 2009 and 2010.

The investment was 95% in productive partnerships- not- holding companies, while capital for unlisted companies contracted by 63%. Industry points out the importance that the settlements in this paragraph or to clean up balance or to get liquid funds. The foreign investment in listed companies was ´´very positive´´, increasing by 1286.8%.

ETVEs, 71% of investments were destined for the banking sector, highlighting also the construction of residential buildings, with 7.8%, and the construction of power grids and telecommunications, with 6.6%.

The main recipient was Turkey, which received 68.2% of these investments, followed by Brazil, with 9.6% and Germany, with 7.8%.

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