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Germany receives minimum wage

The German Bundestag has now decided on the systematic introduction of a minimum wage amounting to 8,50 Euro starting in 2015 and based on the Law on the Regulation of a General Minimum Wage (Mindestlohngesetz-MiLoG).

In that respect, Germany stands at the bottom of the list. There are not many areas left where this is Germany’s case as Europe’s strongest economic nation is usually the perfect example in almost all aspects. For over ten years, trade unions and politicians have made every effort to introduce a legal minimum wage.

However, there will first be a range of derogations as transitional arrangements, for young people under 18, interns, seasonal workers, newspapers delivery staff and unemployed. They still have to be worked out by the parties to the collective agreement. So the minimum wage should come fully into effect in Germany only in 2017.

We are gladly at your disposal for any questions.

Letzendlich war die Einführung des Mindestlohnes ein ganz wichitger Schritt. Aber auch in diesem Bereich muss sich grundsätzlich noch einiges mehr tun, damit die Menschen endlich wieder von ihrem Geld leben können.

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