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The Government of Spain has approved a number of legislative measures, above all of a fiscal nature, which companies should take into account in their activities. Below we outline the most significant.

 Personal income tax (IRPF)

Income from wages: The withholding tax brackets on income from personal employment have been reduced.

The minimum limit on the obligation to declare is also modified for taxpayers who receive work incomes, rising from €11,200 to €12,000.

 *ADMINEX always recommends negotiating gross wages with employees so that the company is not significantly and adversely affected by its staff costs.

 All other withholding tax brackets are reduced:

Non-resident income tax (IRNR)

The general tax rate of 24.75% has been reduced to 20% for 2015 and 19% for 2016, for taxpayers from the EU, Iceland and Norway. For all other taxpayers, it has been reduced to 24% for both 2015 and 2016.

Company tax

The general tax category is being lowered from 30% to 25%. During 2015 it will be 28%. In 2016 it will be 25%.

Tax loss carry-forwards can be applied with no time limit (until 31/12/2014 the limit was 18 years).

Deductibility is limited on any asset impairment type buying Tramadol pills with the exception of inventories and loans and other receivables.

Tax deductibility is limited on customer service, up to 1% of net turnover. The deductibility of lesser amounts is subject to general recording, justification and temporary posting rules.


From 10/01/2015 a new localisation rule is being applied for telecommunications, radio and television broadcasting services and the provision of electronic services provided to individuals who are not entrepreneurs or professionals, making the tax payable in the place where the latter have their domicile or habitual residence.

A change also occurs in the tax rate applicable to health products, so medical equipment, apparatus, health products and other instruments for medical and hospital use that were taxed at the general reduced rate of 10% will have the general rate of 21% applied.

The procedure for modifying the taxable base becomes more flexible, so that modification in the case of a debtor in bankruptcy is extended from one to three months.

The special returns category for certain entrepreneurs or professionals not resident in the territory of the application of the tax or in the Autonomous Community, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla is significantly extended by demurring the requirement of the return principle on certain input rates in services covering access, hotels, restaurants and transportation linked to attendance at trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions.

Labour contracts and Social Security deductions

The flat rate of €100 Social Security contribution for new permanent (indefinido) contracts is extended until March 2015.

Reduction of Official Contract forms, which now number only four, but are more extensive and more complex to fill out:

1.- Permanent (Indefinido)
2.- Temporary (Temporal)
3.- Training (Formación)
4.- Internship (Prácticas)

Extension to 12 days of wages for every year’s service as severance pay on termination of a contract of specific duration, for contracts signed on or after 1st January 2015.

Social Security:

The minimum contribution bases, by professional category and contributory groups, from 1st January 2015 will be increased with regard to those in force on 31st December 2014 by the same percentage as the minimum wage (salario mínimo interprofesional).

The maximum contribution base, regardless of professional category and contributory group, will be 3,606.00 EUR monthly (in 2014 it was 3,597.00 EUR monthly) or 120.20 EUR daily (in 2014 it was 119.90 EUR per day).

The employment conditions established in an expired wage agreement are maintained and become the most beneficial condition or vested right of employees.


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