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INCENTIVE System for Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs

This incentive system aims to promote SMEs competitiveness through increased productivity, flexibility, responsiveness and active presence in the global market (expansion and internationalization).

The IS for Q&I of SMEs aims to support investment projects promoted by SMEs with activities in Portugal, individually or in cooperation, with a clear DNA in innovation, modernization or/and internationalization, through the use of dynamic factors of competitiveness.

Areas where support can be achieved:

- Internationalization;

- Diversification and energy efficiency;

- Development and engineering of products, services and processes;

- Innovation;

- Organization and management and information and communication technologies (ICT);

- Quality: certification, under the Portuguese Quality System (SPQ);

- Environment;

- Industrial property;

- Creation, fashion & design;

- Digital economy;

- Sales and Marketing;

- Social responsibility and health and safety at work;

- Equal opportunities.

Source: Ministry of Economy of Portugal, 2013

André Sousa Cruz is Head of International Projects at Adminex Group. You can write to him at to know more about how Adminex can help your company to achieve this kind of support.

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