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New Regulations of Inmigration in Spain

The new Regulations of Immigration facilitates the arrival to Spain of entrepreneurs and qualified workers.

The new Regulation that has been developed by the Immigration Law came into effect on the 1st of July, after it was approved on the 15th of April by the Council of Ministers. The norm gives an answer to the challenges that are raised by a new migratory cycle and facilitates the arrival to our country of highly qualified foreign workers, entrepreneurs and PYMES (Small and medium sized companies) from strategic sectors.

Amongst the main novelties that affect the foreign workers and companies is the new situation for investigators. The Regulation creates a new agile procedure of admission that will be resolved with a maximum time range of 45 days. It will also facilitate the automatic regrouping of family members without the need to wait a whole year to be able to start with all the procedures.

On the other hand, it incorporates the European Directives on the “Blue Card” for the highly qualified professional foreigners, establishing the conditions of arrival and residency of nationals of third countries when the objective is highly qualified job positions.

Regarding the entrepreneurs, it improves their arrival to Spain. These should dispose of sufficient resources for their maintenance, accommodation and sustenance of the company, but it is not demanded of them, like in the previous norm, that they generate income from the first year their company is operating.

Regarding the Small and Medium Companies (PYMES) from strategic sectors established in Spain that require the incorporation of directive personnel or highly qualified foreigners can see themselves benefited from the agile channel of concession of permission through the Unity of Big Companies (UGE). This channel permits the resolution of the concession in an inferior time range of 30 days, including the family of the displaced worker.

The new regulation establishes that Big or Large Companies reduce the threshold of the obliged 1.000 workers to 500 workers so that the agile concessions of permissions are benefited. Also the obliged thresholds of exterior investment have been reduced, as well as the net annual figure of the business.

The regulation has introduced as well the “Course of Public Interest” that will permit the procession of permissions through the UGE channel even though it does not comply with the previous requisites, to companies with projects that will generate jobs in strategic sectors.

The Regulation of Immigration, is the product of a wide consensus, is one of the instruments of which the Government dispossess of to make effective the fortification of the social cohesion, integration and the equality of rights and duties.

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