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The Romanian Government promotes labor law’s reform

The Romanian Government has approved in February labor law changing project.

The Romanian Government has approved in February labor law changing project. The reform has double objective. From one side, to make the labor market more flexible, and this will favor new job vacancies creation according to Prime Minister Emil Boc. From another side, to reduce illegal work through imposing penalties for employers that have workers without contracts. This penalties will be from 2 years´ imprisonment to the loss of state assistance and disqualification from public tenders.

While employer’s organizations consider that the current law is a “wage-earners´ dictatorship”, syndicates see its reform as a new “form of slavery”. In between these controversies, the Government of liberal democrat Emil Boc has decided that the changing of labor law will be made proceeding according with the 114th article of Constitution which allows to approve changing law without parliamentary debate. So on the 8th of March the Government assumed the responsibility in front of the Parliament. As a consequence and as the article 114 envisages, on the 9th of March oppositionists groups presented vote of no confidence. As was to be expected, the Government gained the vote on 16th of March and the law is considered approved.

The only possibility that a debate about the labor law reform would take place in the Parliament, is that once it will be approved following the above mentioned procedure, the Romanian President requests its re-examination in accordance with what’s established in the article 114.4 of the Constitution. Romania, according to the last data provided by EUROSTAT corresponding to the last four-months period of 2010, has an active population of 9 millions employees, with the unemployment rate at 6,9% while the average for the EU stands at 9,3%.

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