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France, key business partner to combat the crisis

This neighbor country is the principal customer of Spanish exportations and a reference market to visit in search of business and opportunities.

Greater activity

The business internationalization is an important development factor. And it is even more important in crisis situation, which is affecting Spain at the moment. Business relations between Spain and France seem to be productive for both sides and it’s so because in the last year business activity has significantly grown. France became the main destination of Spanish exportation, which has increased 9,8% last year comparing to 2009. The importation from France raised 4,4% in Spain in relation to 2009. In this meaning, France took last year second place in the list of countries that import to Spain. This numbers show a good condition of business relations between both countries.

Companies and the future

Nowadays, about 1.500 French companies have headquarters in Spain. That gives about 300.000 direct jobs, mainly in large distribution companies such as Carrefour, Renault, Peugeot or Decathlon, what makes France the first business partner of Spain.

Source: Expansión

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