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Opportunities with a view to Eurocup 2012

Poland prepares its infrastructure and energy sources for Eurocup 2012

First economy of the former Eastern Block

With population of more than 38 millions and economic growth estimated for about 3,5% in 2010, Poland is outlined as one of the markets with the highest investment potential between EU countries. There is a reason why this central European country is at this moment the greatest recipient of European funds, capturing in the period of 2007-2013 up to 67.300 millions euros, about 20% of total EU funds. Apart from harmonizing Polish development level with the one which represent other EU members, this financing will also help to modernize principal Polish manufactory sectors and prepare the country for access to eurozone, expected in 2015.

Fully-authorized member of the EU since 2004, Poland has shown during these 8 years an unquestionable solidness, gaining the title of the first economy of the former Eastern Block. Even during the most difficult moments of actual financial crisis Poland has shown great robustness. So that after registering growth rate around 5% in the period 2006-2008, Poland has suffered light deceleration in 2009. Nevertheless, the economy maintained positive records- 1,8%- and the slow down has been easily overcome in the course of last year. Reasons: the drive of domestic consumption – owing in a great part to job creation – and the good performance of the external sector due to depreciation of local currency, the zloty.

Poland is, at the same time, a local leader when it comes to the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), which in 2009 reached 8.251 millions euros according to the National Bank of Poland. The countries that most invested in Polish territory in 2008 were: Germany –1.618 millions euros –, Holland –1.604– y Luxemburg –1.339, mainly in following sectors: financial intermediation, real estate sector and commerce. Germany is also the first client of Polish industry followed by Italy and France.

Opportunities with a view to Euorcup 2012

The celebration of European football championship has shown some lacks with regard to accommodation offer, railway and road network, which should be make up for in record time to receive thousands of tourists expected to visit the country in this period. For this purpose, Polish state has opened numerous tenders in a last few years. In 2009, for example, were organized auctions worth 31.000 millions euros. The 65% of these funds were destined for public works, the 17% for supplies and the rest 18% for different contracts for specified services.

It is to report that the economic hotels´ offer needs to be improved, especially in big cities as Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań and Wrocław, where according to estimations about 30.000 places are still lacking to satisfy accommodation needs of all the visitors expected to come for the Eurocup.

Source: ICEX

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