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Hereby we describe the main reasons why doing business in Portugal is nowadays safe, quick, easy, modern and cheap.

Stability and transparency

Very stable political system. In the EU for more than 26 years.

17th Most peaceful country – “Global Peace Index 2011”.

32nd International transparency – “Corruption Perception Index 2011”.

44th Investors protection – “Doing business 2011”


This is a wide and ambitious program that has been successfully implemented over the last years, to facilitate people and enterprises day-to-day life, by decreasing bureaucracy and context costs, with the help of modern IT systems.

An entrepreneur can nowadays create a company in less than an hour, in only one location, without application form. The enterprises can perform formal registers online, without any physical presence.

Investment Support

3rd Legal barriers when creating new company – “IMD survey 2009”.

The Portuguese government offers a wide range of programs to support investment and a lot of Finance, Fiscal, Job and Training incentives are available for the new investors.

Knowledge and Innovation

1st  Innovation Performance Country – “Innovation Union Scoreboard 2010”.

Portugal ranks 3rd in the Most Attractive Interest Rate for I&D fiscal incentives index, among OECD countries.

Portugal is considered to be a perfect lab for new technology. The National Science and Technology Centers network successfully links I&D and the private sector, developing valuable activities in the areas of renewable energy, automotive, biotechnology, telecom, nanotechnology, aeronautical, ICT, health, biomedicine, forest and paper, electronics and general production technology, among others.

Source: AICEP, 2013

André Sousa Cruz is Head of International Projects at Adminex Group, with over 12+ years working across multiple sectors. You can write to him at

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