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Spain, one of the two most attractive European destinations for investing in 2013

Spain and Switzerland appear as the two most attractive destinations for investment in Europe, according to the ranking drawn up by Morgan Stanley analysts. The U.S. bank highlights the progress of the Spanish economy, which obtains the second highest rating among the 16 countries surveyed.

“The good classification of Spain mainly reflects its high score in terms of technical level and revenue and profitability,” point out the authors of the list, in which Spain has gone up two positions from the previous year, achieving the highest rating for a country at the periphery of the Eurozone since the third quarter of 2009.

In fact, Portugal (13), Italy (16) and Greece (14) continue to appear among the bottom five positions, accompanied by France (12), which has lost five places, and Belgium (15), which has also dropped five positions in relation to the previous ranking. Meanwhile, Ireland has gone up two and is ranked as the tenth most attractive destination.

Among the factors that determine the attractiveness of Spain, the organization highlights the improved tone surrounding the periphery countries, which could become one of the surprises of 2013, in their opinion, thus obtaining a better result than their partners in central and northern Europe.

To this effect, Morgan Stanley analysts believe that the relaxation of the risk premium of peripheral debt and the narrowing of the GDP growth differential between European countries, contribute to a less negative perception for countries at the periphery.

Thus, the report argues that the activation program of bond buying European Central Bank could cause ¨a boom in peripheral actions¨ and further reduce the risk premium of the debt in ten years. In such a situation the debt spreads to five years for Italy and Spain would fall between 75 and 155 basis points ¨, pointing from the U.S. entity, which in a Nov. 26 report that Spain betting request activation of aid ECB during the first quarter of 2013.

Source: Expansión, 2013

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