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Prof. Dr. Detlev K. Schrade
Solutions for Accounts Production, Tax and Practice Management systems

Prof. Dr. Detlev K. Schrade, having taken Business Administration, at the University of Augsburg (Dipl.-Oec. 1975), followed by a doctorate at the University of Fribourg/Switzerland (Dr.rer.pol. 1981).

From 1981 to 1990 engaged in various activities in industry and as a consultant. Since 1990 Professor in Business Administration focusing on taxation at the ESB of the University of Reutlingen. His principal areas of teaching and research were and are specific issues related to international taxation, besides income tax and corporation tax, particularly on the subject of regulations concerning profit determination in individual states. He has been emeritus since 2016.

In addition, he was Managing Director of a medium-sized company in Northern Germany from 1995 to 2001. Since 2001, alongside his teaching activities, he has been a freelance tax consultant and, since 2004, a partner in an auditing and tax consultancy firm.

Since 2017 he has represented adminex in Switzerland. His tax expertise, especially regarding specific tax issues in the cantons of Switzerland, and his management experience are both always of great benefit for clients.

adminex Switzerland

adminex Group is an international consultancy, based in Switzerland, with the mission to ease and accelerate the entrance of enterprises into new global markets.

The changing economic environment compels companies to adjust their corporate strategies and further explore foreign markets. All this can cause time loses and high costs for new office integration. adminex Group, with its full range of internationalization solutions, assists enterprises in operating on the new markets at the same pace and efficiency level as their established offices.

We are reliable expert partners and can support our clients from the decision making process of choosing new markets, to developing pre- and post- market entry strategies, and managing part of the administrative solutions of the new workplaces.

Thus, by taking advantage of adminex’s clients can focus on their core businesses, while extending on foreign markets.

adminex Group started in 2000, with its international business development mentality, continuously extended with new offices around the world, to offer local intelligence and global expertise.

The many years of functioning on the market have allowed us to gain an enormous amount of experience in co-operation with business enterprises of various sizes. Many companies representing many fields of business have entrusted us. Thanks to these facts, we are fully aware of the importance of an individual approach tailored for every specific client.

Today, adminex Group serves its clients from our offices in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA and India.

adminex Holdings Group of companies provides Small & Medium sized Enterprises, the one-stop, end-to-end Internationalization solution. We would like to think we are only company of our kind.

The 5 main divisions are:

• Strategy Consulting, including M&A advisory
• Marketing Agency
• Implementation/Execution
• Business Administration
• Investment Arm

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