adminex has joined the 1st German-African Automotive Forum

Africa is attracting top international players from the automotive industry. Although the automotive potential of the continent is hardly unlocked. Integrating Sub-Saharan Africa into global automotive markets and value chains goes through the Pan-African Auto Pact and the Pan-African Mobility Alliance.

adminex Morocco has joined the 1st German-African Automotive Forum in Stuttgart, February 11th 2020. We had interesting discussions with high-ranking decision-makers from the spheres of both business and politics form AU (African Union), EU (European Union), Ghana, Morocco, and Ethiopia; on the theme towards an approach for unlocking Africa’s automotive potential. The debate centres on the status quo of African Automotive markets, successful market entries and innovative strategies of both OEMs and suppliers, as well as the aftermarket.

Fostering regional cooperation and developing local value chains are the main keys of success. Therefore, the existing successful experience in the automotive industry on the continent (South-Africa in the south and Morocco in the north) should be exploited, to develop emerging markets (Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia…), as only regional integration can most rapidly boost business.