Can a robot play the balalaika?

Last 21 October I had the pleasure to participate together with the CEO of adminex group, Marc Ambrock in the 8th edition of “Open innovations Forum”. The event was held in the innovation center “Skolkovo” in Moscow.

The objective of the forum is to promote innovation, latest technologies, show the trends in the sector and help companies to find new international markets.

Mr. Ambrock distinguished the high organizational level of the event and the potential of the new generation of Russian technological companies in the international markets. Also, he stranded out that the Russian business is moving in the right direction but, needs more speed, referring to marketing and cross-cultural knowledge being the biggest challenge.

Maybe A.I is able to play the balalaika but, it won’t help you know how to convince your customer to buy from you (not yet at least).

adminex academy, trough simple principles offer training solutions for companies interested in being successful in international markets.

Vladimir Salnikov
Managing Director adminex Russia