You call it Distribution – We call it ‘Buy & Sell’

Anyone who has ever been to Ghana must have seen that one of the most common ways of generating income is simply through buying things from one place and selling them in another place. That mode of income generation is traditionally known as ‘Buy and Sell’.

The most visible group of this business model are the hawkers on the streets. These street hawkers sell basically everything from sweets to self-cut fruit and vegetables and even kitchenware. The hard-working hawkers though very visible are not the only ones who engage in this type of income generation. This model makes up quite a large part of our informal economy and the Ghanaian economy as known is largely an informal one.

Many companies and distributors outside the African continent, e.g., from Europe, ask the question: How to get their products in the Ghanaian market and the West-African Market? How to properly market their products and make them accessible to the Ghanaian populace? The first challenge that these foreign companies face is the ‘GIPC Law’. Adminex as seen from the previous publication provides a solution for that challenge.

Now to the real challenges: How can one understand local distribution structures? How can one identify strong local distribution partners? How can one check the structures and the setting of these partners in order to minimize the risk for investments?

Please guess who can be of great help to answer the above questions?!?

Being part of the market and having the necessary local networks, we not only provide a deeper understanding of the said market but also provide reliable local partners, monitor your partners on-site and work with you to develop a suitable controlling system to minimize risks for your investments.

For further details and questions about Ghana Distribution please contact Emmanuel Peterson