Employment bonus adopted by Council of Ministers

The employment bonus adopted by the Council of Ministers on 21 February 2017 is intended to create a significant growth and employment impetus for the domestic economy. Companies that create new jobs are to be left with half of the additional costs for three years. Both full-time and part-time employment are eligible which are subject to municipal tax liability  and fulfill one of the following conditions:

– Employment of an officially unemployed person
– Employment of a graduate of an Austrian educational institution (school / college);
– Employment of a person already employed in Austria (job changer);
– Employment relationship based on a red-white-red card (residence permit).

Various complex parameters must be considered. Please contact our partner in Austria for more details. The bonus can only be distributed if the employment relationship lasts at least 6 months. The application will be possible from 1.7.2017 onwards. Every employment relationship to be promoted must be reported to the funding agencies. On the basis of the proven additional costs, the subsidy is to be paid annually and retroactively.

A total of € 2 billion will be made available for this measure in the budget. After two years the measures are to be evaluated. In order to avoid misuse, each application for an employment bonus will be examined.

Since further legal and administrative details have to be considered, please contact our Austrian partner: robert.riehl@adminex.com