GHANA offers a safe environment for you and your BUSINESS

Since a few years we have been witnessing the fact that Ghana is gaining great respect and interest on international level. It is surely not by mistake and one could see the big companies shifting their activities towards Accra, our capital town.

The German – African Business Summit early this year showed just a bit of the potential that the country has to offer. But the business gathering also revealed some challenges we need to find better solutions for, especially when it comes to foreign owned companies and investments from outside.

With initiatives like the “Year of Return”, which is aimed at People of African Descent to come to Ghana, explore the country, the rich culture and furthermore also invest in the country, one can see that the government has seen the need to think outside the box and to be creative. But please, do not get fooled by slogans because I can proudly say that we are champions in creating new slogans. The question is rather “what’s next?”

How is this great interest and experience going to bring the country a step further in our strive for socio-economic development? Have we laid down the necessary structures to attract more investments from outside? And how prepared are local companies and entrepreneurs in order to participate and gain from this development?

I think the first step is done! Talking about first step – it is the safe environment that is needed. One has to mention the good work of the Ghana under the leadership of the IGP. People usually do not invest in places they are afraid to even go themselves. And Ghana is safe! My heart is always full of joy when I see the German jogger on the streets in East Legon, Accra. The same joy comes over me when I see the Chinese businessman in Kumasi. It shows me that foreigners are comfortable walking around, working and living in Ghana. It is time we also strengthen the structures for them to invest in Ghana.

In doing so, adminex Ghana has a lot to offer. With our glocal solutions – “the Real World Business”approach, we guarantee to find reliable partners for your business in Ghana. We also offer different solutions in distribution. With us by your side, you only need to be good at what you do best, your core business. It is the only thing we cannot do for you!

I wish you all successful businesses in the year 2020,

Emmanuel Peterson
Managing Director
adminex Ghana