Is Russian business welcome in Germany?

In the course of the Russian German week in St.Petersburg in April, organized by German Chamber of commerce and industry (IHK) through NRW International, Mr. Marc Ambrock maintained a conference with Russian business owners. The aim of the conference was to explain the cross-cultural differences between Russia and Germany and how to overcome communication barriers. Mr. Ambrock presented real life cases experienced as the owner of Ambrock, a 130 years industrial business in Germany and as the CEO of adminex Group, which supports companies going international.

The participants raised many questions concerning the internationalization of their business; especially they had interest if the Russian business has any opportunities in the German market and what has to be done to increase the chances of success. Subjects as Glocal approach (Global vision / local approach ), first steps to success, cross cultural knowledge and the importance of marketing were the main subjects presented during the event.

One of his key points are the necessity to learn the specifics of the German market through personal visits in Germany and a first small market study in order to get aware of the requirements of the German clients.

By the way: Russian are definitely welcome in case the adapt to such requirements!