NRW+ Awards for young leaders in the Diaspora

There is something unique about the African Diaspora. Yet uncrowned but there is still no discussion about the enormous role they play in the socio-economic development of the African continent. Studies about the Ghanaian Diaspora in Germany for example show exactly which role they play economically. Altogether, the bank of Ghana estimates the ratio of remittances to GDP at almost 9%.

This makes the Diaspora a huge stakeholder of the Ghanaian economy and as a Ghanaian I can tell you that they are also one big stakeholder politically especially when it comes to elections.

So adminex Ghana observe it as a responsibility to initiate and strengthen the relationship to such an influential group. The principle here is very simple: YOU ONLY REAP WHAT YOU SOW. What does it mean?

Ghana is best known for the political stability and believe it or not, the mood within the Diaspora is a first indicator for the political situation in Ghana!

Besides, adminex we are known and appreciated for our glocal Solutions and who has naturally the potential to understand the global vision of your company and is able to implement it locally in Ghana?

Yes, it is the Diaspora!

These are the simple reasons why we support the young, talented and the future leaders who have shown extraordinary efforts and achievements within the Diasporan Community.

The NRW+ Awards were given to young African role models living in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia in order to acknowledge what they have done so far and to give them the necessary motivation to push for more.
Investing in the right potentials will secure you a sustainable future and will save you a lot of money!

You don’t believe?

Well, we will be there to offer our services to find you the right executive personnel.

We will soon be back with the next glocal insight.

Best Regards,
Emmanuel Peterson