NRW Business Conference Polonia 2016

In relation to Poland, North Rhine-Westphalia and metropolis Ruhr have always played a leading role in Germany. On 15 November 2016, the NRW Chamber of Industry and Commerce organized the Economic Conference in Dortmund, the goal of which was to strengthen existing contacts and establish new ones.

The conference was organized with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Industry, medium-sized and handicraft companies from North Rhine-Westphalia and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Poland. The panel on the subject “Megatrend Industry” provided a basis for discussion on industrial sites in NRW and Poland, the reindustrialization in Poland and the structural change through digitization.

The discussion on “Megatrend Industry” focused on questions concerning the expansion of Polish companies in Germany, market activities by NRW companies in Poland, competition and cooperation issues as well as difficulties in entering the market. At the conference Adminex Germany was represented by Marc Ambrock, and Magdalena Ksiezak represented Adminex Poland.