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Our team

Emin Gülkan
General Manager adminex Turkey

Emin Gülkan has graduated from Management Sciences and holds BS & MBA degrees. He worked in international and local companies aperating at finance, automotive, heavy metal, air express transportation, media coverage and health sectors as an CFO during his professional career.

He has extensive experience at financial management, tax, audit, money and capital market operations, investment analysis, company valuations, bank loan and credit management and M&A transactions.

At his executive consultancy role within adminex Turkey, he has added energy, tourism and air cargo sectors to his knowhow portfolio.

He is focused on service quality and creation of added value to clients by providing timely and accurate input to the clients in order to cover risks and securing company interests at local and international level.

He holds CPA & Independent Auditor licences.

adminex Turkey

Auditist A.Ş. is adminex partner for Turkey and provides whole range of customized services in accounting, reporting, tax management, management consultancy, corporate governance and internal/external audit areas with our partners and qualified staff targeting high service quality, client satisfaction and proactive solutions.

We also assist to our clients at their market research, credit check of their customers, company or liason office establishment, recruitment, payroll, pension plan, company representation, shareholder or Board of Director meetings, tax, trade, chamber of commerce registration requirements.

We are highly specialized at IFRS, ERP integrations, tax, trade, labor code implementations at local and international level.

We always position ourselves as being accessable at any time and prioritise client expectations in order to structure our service offering in a customized tailor made scope that is exceeding requirements of our clients as part of our corporate responsibility and business understanding.