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Izebe Egwaikhide
General Manager adminex Nigeria

Izebe Egwaikhide has over 20 year’s professional experience as a general manager, project manager, business development manager, consultant and researcher in Germany and Nigeria. This includes over 6 years as Vice President Business Development West Africa in Essen and Dusseldorf with a parallel role as the Managing Director of the Nigerian subsidiary, in Abuja, Nigeria, of a major DAX listed German gas and power utility.

Izebe has a Master’s Degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical / Electronic Engineering with a specialization in Automation from the Dresden University of Technology, German, as well as an MBA from the University of Leicester, UK. He is also a Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Izebe is a non-executive director of the Nigerian-German Business Association (NGBA) and his other professional affiliations include memberships in the IEEE, IEEE Power & Energy Society, the VDE, and the African Renewable Energy Alliance.

adminex Nigeria

adminex Nigeria provide business process outsourcing services to Small and Medium -sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to enter into, or who are already active in the Nigerian market.
We help you master your administrative requirements in Nigeria using lean and cost-effective but scalable processes to ensure that you can focus on your growth through core value creation.
We help you to quickly localize your services and products as well as your marketing and sales procedures to meet the needs of your Nigerian clients.

Our services include amongst others:

• Establishment of local representative offices, subsidiaries as well as project companies (SPVs)
• Interim Management
• Virtual Office
• Project Office (PMO) and Project Management Services
• Accounting and Finances
• Tax Advisory Services
• Corporate Secretarial Services
• Executive Search & Recruitment
• Risk and Security Advisory Services
• Liquidation of local representative offices, subsidiaries as well as project companies (SPVs)
• Logistics Advisory Services

We also leverage our very good network of partners in meeting your needs outside of the scope of core services mentioned above.

With our trusted network of partners in Nigeria, we ensure you have a one-stop service provider which meets your quality, compliance, and process requirements.


Nigeria has a fast growing and dynamic economy which is in transition and is full of business opportunities for Nigerian and foreign companies.
Nigeria is not just Africa’s largest economy, it is also one of the most one of the most dynamic. Whilst Nigeria is better known as one of the largest oil and gas producing and exporting countries in the world, its real strength however lies in its human capital and the private sector, especially its Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Besides this, the country sits on a host of other untapped (mineral) resources which could open up totally new mining sectors, processing and associated manufacturing value chains.

With over 190 Million people and a broad and very well educated middle-class and its very vibrant diaspora, Nigeria is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Nigeria is currently refocusing on these human assets and natural resource advantages and is working to increase the production capacity within the country through targeted infrastructure programs.

Nigeria is moving from an exporter of raw materials to a self-sufficient supplier of key goods and services for its population and Africa at large through, increased partnerships between the government and the private sector.

A strategic target of the government is in the localization of major supply chains in the agricultural, steel, aluminum, mining, automotive, clothing, foods and beverages, petrochemicals and in processing of its natural resources.
The ongoing digitalization of the economy is advancing at a rate which has surprised many external market analysts and is creating new champions in various sectors such as e-commerce, banking & finance, education, commodity trading, e-government, sustainable energy and health services

Despite these positive signs, Nigeria still needs partnerships with innovative foreign investors to meet the infrastructure requirements of its fast growing young population. Nigeria is a fast growing market for the supply of goods, services and expertise which are critical areas of strength of SMEs in many developed countries and emerging economies in which adminex is already active.
adminex Nigeria is very well positioned to help you explore the real opportunities in the Nigerian Market.