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Our team

Julio Contreras
General Manager adminex Spain

Julio Contreras, who is an accounting and finance management expert, has been the General Manager of adminex Spain since 2013. He has got more than 15 years experience as a negotiator, responsible for the consumer relations with clients, encouraging the growth and expansions of business.

His business approach involves project optimization, processes and results. In complex environments he uses his high analytic capacity to make structured and pragmatic decisions.

adminex Spain

Clients have trusted us since over 17 years. adminex Spain was founded in the year 2000. It was started with a view to offering global business administration solutions to foreign companies that wished to set up or do business in Spain. We continue offering the stability from our two offices though the crisis.The company has spread also internationally; we have offices in most Europe countries, in India and USA.

A complete package of services, ranging from the most basic to the most sophisticated in order to meet all your administration needs and expectations. We offer a broad range of services stretching from initial market research to optimising productivity in your operations.

We provide strategic business management and consultancy services, particularly in the areas of international taxation and accounting, human resources, customer service, executive search, advice on data protection, ICT and other solutions to answer client needs.

Capacity to tailor our services to suit your needs. Not only do we offer standard service packages, but should you require any specific or tailored service to monitor your business in the country destination, we also design it together with you.

A unique local partner to provide you tailored service, better understanding of your business and simpler daily coordination with your team. We firmly believe that only through direct and regular contact with our client, particularly in matters of controlling, is it possible to ensure the most effective operational productivity.

A team of international experts with a local presence to help you combine macro and micro specification