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Nadine Blain
General Manager adminex France

Nadine BLAIN is General Manager in France. She has more than 15 years experience in international environment. She is an experimented person used to exercise financial head functions in both big international companies and small-medium size enterprises. She is used to manage small general-purpose accounting teams with a noticeable experience in controlling, budgetary control and international fiscal problematic.

As adminex General Manager in France, Nadine Blain, gives advisory services for accounting, legal, management, controlling, debt collection, payroll, human resources in order to allow companies to develop an organizational process to internationalize.

Expert in financial management, accounting and auditing.

adminex France

Do you want to build on a strong basis in France? What makes today our difference and our added value for you?

More than 10 years of experience as a warranty of consistency and perenity for you.

A full package of services from basic to sophisticated services to answer to all your expectations. We can provide you an evolutive service offer from the first investigations on a market to the productivity optimization of one of your operation units.

A capacity to customize the adequate range of services to fit your company needs. We do not provide only standard service packages where you won’t get the pay back. If we need to set up some specific and tailor-made services for the follow-up of your activity in a country, we will co-design it with you.

A unique local contact for a better understanding of your context and an easier day-to-day collaboration with your own staff. We strongly believe that only a regular direct contact with you to discuss about your controlling will enable you to pilot your operation units in the most productive way.

A pool of international experts and local presence to enable you to combine macro and micro specifications. We have settled an office in each of the major European countries and hired local managers with a strong background in international companies to support you in your internationalization projects and processes.

A large data bank of company profiles at your disposal to develop your network rapidly. We also help them to internationalize in the countries in which we are present, which saves clients from wasting valuable time seeking mediators for each specific subject area. You’re therefore able to concentrate fully on their business.

We are looking to exchange about our activities and build projects with you.