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Robert Riehl
General Manager adminex Austria

For many decades Robert Riehl used to be director and general manager of various Austrian daughter companies of leading international enterprises. Broad experience in all aspects of general company management both in Austria as well as abroad: Market research, marketing, sales, financial, accounting and controlling. Direct experience in representing companies in various areas, with cash flow, cost control and strategy. Experienced in early-stage startups as well as mature companies seeking to outsource their administrative processes and management;

Specialties: Business administration, sales and marketing, finance, international business and management. Company representation, negotiations with the third party. Bilingual German/French with perfect business English and some Italian.

adminex Austria

Since the opening of the eastern states, Austria has established its first position in investing in the new countries as well as being the natural place for the headquarters of the eastern hemisphere. Therefore, Vienna is the ideal location for new investments and expansion in this area. Austria is one of the safest countries both in terms of living as well as in regards to the social standards with nearly no strikes.

Thanks to Austria’s geographic location at the crossroad of Eastern and Western Europe, direct foreign investment has always been high. Well-developed infrastructures, a skilled and competent work force and high productivity are the country’s strong points. Also export incentives, political stability and low telecommunication costs make the Austrian business climate favourable. Another attractive factor is the fact that Austria has the most attractive taxation system in Europe and does not have a wealth tax or professional tax. Regional investment subsidies, tax exemptions on training and a training bonus for apprentices guarantees the country’s appeal.

Though comparatively small, the Austrian economy is highly globalized and resilient. It recovered quickly from the recent global financial crisis and continues to support high levels of prosperity. Openness to global trade and investment is firmly institutionalized and supported by a relatively efficient entrepreneurial framework. Austria has a strong tradition of reliable property rights protection, and the legal system is transparent and evenly applied. Effective anti-corruption measures are in force.