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Our team

Rudi Mattheus
General Manager adminex Netherlands

As a former KMPG / BDO-auditor, Rudi started in 1989 his Belgian accountancy firm, AXIS Finance NV.

Apart from his expertise in tax strategies, Rudi has always have a very strong interest in everything concerning IT and simplifying administrative processes.

During the several years this resulted in 2005 in establishing a joint venture in India (for the time-consuming compliance activities). In 2018 we finalized the digitizing of our complete accountancy department. And finally, three years ago, we started our own software developing company specialized in solutions for unburdening administrations from tedious and manual work.

This resulted in our crown jewel of today: Sales2Cash® which guaranties a dramatic increase of payments on due date and decreasing of administrative costs.

Rudi his expertise: audit, accountancy, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, estate planning (niche on vulnerable people), administrative process optimization.

adminex Netherlands

Are you looking for an organization that can both help you with your financial, as well as your sales development, than we are the right partner.

With our marketing partner we cover more than 60 year of expertise and, the most important, thanks to the adminex membership, we dispose of a network of specialists and interesting people for your business.

With adminex Netherlands, we go far beyond the services of the traditional service companies. We unburden you totally for everything that concerns daily administration: incorporation of the company, tax compliance, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, … ç

Your focus has to be your passion: sale of your product or service.

Does this comply with the expectations you have about a service provider who has to be a partner rather than a consultant, than you should not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hear about your projects and assist you wherever we can in order to achieve your expansion goals.