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Vladimir Salnikov
General Manager adminex Russia

Vladimir Salnikov has been General Manager for Russia since 2017.He is a business development expert, specialized in cross-cultural management and strategic counselling. His 10 years of experience working in the industrial and energy sectors gave him a wide knowledge on leading multi-cultural teams and executing business expansion plans for companies wanting to expand to the Russian market. He is always aware of the latest market trends and feels enthusiastically identifying new business opportunities that can bring benefit to a business.

adminex Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, with 11 times zones and a market over 143 million people. The business opportunities are enormous. The market demand for goods and services is rising from food to high-end solutions in the energy sector.

Regardless all the potential, many companies still consider opening their representation in Russia too risky. Unfortunately, many of them calculate this risk committing some mistakes due to a lack of proper knowledge of the country.

There are plenty of real opportunities and threats that a company has to consider before entering Russia. Of course, it can be a tricky market to enter, as I know many foreign companies that have failed to enter Russia. Nevertheless, most of these cases the causes of failure were the relying on unproved information and constant misunderstandings.