Pillars of Successful Business in Ghana

Even though we all agree that Ghana has positioned itself very well in recent times to promote the country as the No. 1 business hub for West Africa, it is not that easy to build a successful business. A platform which seeks to support companies in Ghana and Africa had a conversation with Emmanuel Peterson, Managing Director for Adminex Ghana:

Africa Platform: Please give us a concrete example of your clients and how did you get in contact?

E.P.: Adminex and I as the managing director in Ghana were recommended to the client by a business partner.

Africa Platform: What were your first services?

E.P.: The first activities always depend very much on the client’s goals for Ghana. Only if we have a clear goal, we can develop a sensible plan for the client. It is therefore important to first classify the project locally.

Africa Platform: What steps has the company taken and has it achieved any success?

E.P.: After we showed the client a way according to his goal, it was about performing the official duties, which is by no means easy. We are now working with his local staff to develop the business. Within a noticeably short time, the company was able to generate income in the construction sector.

Africa Platform: What other services have you provided or are you planning?

E.P.: The long-term goal is to build a sustainable and profitable business for the client. Of course, it takes time to get there. With Adminex the client can be sure to work with the right partners locally and get suitable, solvent customers.

Africa Platform: What does the company say about the opportunities in Ghana, working with you and the future with Corona?

E.P.: The client had discovered Ghana’s business potential for himself and was encouraged to contact us by his business partner from the same sector. They are already operating successfully in Ghana. What the successful foreign companies here in Ghana have in common are excellent local partners and contacts. Of course, Ghana and business in Ghana are also affected by Covid 19 in general. But the successful local networks are the pillars for foreign companies. I can therefore attest that even in these challenging times, great successes have been achieved. As the person responsible for Adminex Ghana, I am convinced of our work and the future of Ghana. Because only if local companies like us are successful, our partners will also do successful business in Ghana!