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Our team

Lorraine Wheeler
General Manager adminex UK

adminex UK

With over 10 years’ experience in guiding our clients through the minefield of tax and accounting compliance to developing business growth and management strategies, our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic thinking to enhance the management, development and administration of our client’s businesses.

As part of the Adminex global network we are ideally placed to help businesses achieve their goals and ambitions to break into new markets across the globe, whilst reducing the burden of foreign compliance and administration, by collaborating with our fellow members, who have extensive local contacts and local knowledge in their respective countries.

As a modern forward thinking practise we strive to use the latest technology to maximise efficiency and improve communications. We believe that by using cloud based software systems we have created an environment that enables us to work hand in hand with clients throughout the world as though they were in our own back garden.

We have a proven track record and are currently assisting in excess of 100 clients to manage their accounting and financial functions using cloud based systems. As a result of this we became one of the U K’s first Platinum Partners with Intuit Software.

Our service is flexible, enabling you to choose the level of service you require and we will develop a solution to meet your needs. This may be from basic tax and accounting compliance to a more sophisticated advisory role or to you outsourcing to us, your complete in house accounting and administration function.

To find out how we can be part of your team please e mail UK@adminex.com